Ghostbusters Holiday Special: Past, Present, and Future

Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol has been adapted in just about every single medium. Movies, television, name it and Scrooge has mentioned "Bah, humbug" in it. I'm sure that comics have had their own adaptations of the story as well, and now IDW is adding one more adaptation to the mix. Ghostbusters Holiday Special: Past, Present, and Future is written by Rob Williams and features art by Diego Jourdan. IDW Editor Tom Waltz is excited for the new book. "Working on this book has been a lot of fun," said IDW Editor Tom Waltz. "Rob has taken a well-traveled and oft-revamped tale and given it an all-new twist, while maintaining all the classic elements Dickens - and, of course, Ghostbusters - traditionalists would demand and expect from this cast of characters. Only true Scrooges will walk away from this story without smiles on their faces." The book will be available in stores December 9 and I don't think I need to outline the story. I think the only difference is that one of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present or Future will end up in a trap. As long as you remember if the light is green the trap is green clean we'll all be ok.


  1. light is green trap is clean :P that wouldn't be true since they would be catching one


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