Hank McCoy (Before the Fur)

I kind of like this whole Red Hulk thing. I feel like it’s been terribly under-rated. My favorite bit is just trying to figure out who Red Hulk is. I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with some old Hulk villain who might be a plausible identity for the newest villain in the Hulk mythos. The rumor I keep hearing is that “Rulk” is going to turn out to be Glenn Talbot. Who’s that you’re saying? Talbot was that annoying military guy in Ang Lee’s Hulk- the guy who has a thing for Betty Ross and punches Banner in the stomach before being promptly FLATTENED by an angry Hulk. He’d certainly be ruthless enough- he has that dark, repressed side that comes out when you really get to know him. He’s supposed to be dead (although who knows, right?)- went down fighting the Hulk. Of course, that doesn’t mean the military and gamma rays couldn’t resurrect him. On the other hand- Glenn has a nephew whose sworn vengeance against the Hulk, Matt Talbot, and Glenn’s brother Brian is a member of the “Gamma Corps” (a group of superpowered individuals that the military has employed to take down the Hulk) and has had strands of Hulk DNA spliced into his body. While Matt blames the Hulk for his uncle’s death, Brian was abused by Glenn constantly. So maybe Red Hulk is just Brian’s pent up hostility? I mean, it would make sense- Rulk really is the worst bully you could ever come across. But I’ve got another set of candidates- how about the Hulkbusters? There was a whole array of people who were part of this defunct military unit who might want a little payback on Banner. I mean, the Hulkbusters were never exactly successful. Think one of them would have volunteered for ‘special service’? Of course, now there’s this whole Red She-Hulk fiasco. Where’d she come from? I’d be hard pressed to dream up some She-Hulk villain who might have stepped in to take on this role…and unless the Talbot family have some distant relation we don’t know about. There are some candidates from the Hulkbusters that I think might fit. Anybody else got any convincing theories?