The Last Unicorn hits comics

When something is referred to as "Enchanting, dark, and whimsically magical" then you might want to pay attention to it. IDW has such a book that merits those adjectives in The Last Unicorn. The first issue is an adaptation from Peter S. Beagle's original novel written by Peter B. Gillis and featuring illustrations by Renae De Liz (with colors by her husband Ray Dillon). "The Last Unicorn is, for many readers - including myself - a work of complex and profound explorations of the magic of human connections, loss, and love," said IDW associate editor Mariah Huehner. "It's a story that affects people of all ages just as profoundly today as it did when it debuted. And we're committed to giving people that same experience with this mini-series." The Last Unicorn follows what may be the last unicorn as she seeks to find out what happened to her kind. She encounters good and bad characters, the bad best defined by his callousness and selfishness in stealing all of them away. The work was originally published in 1968 and has sold more than five million copies around the world. It was so popular that in 1982 if was made into a hugely popular animated film. Characters include the Unicorn herself, Schmendrick the Magician, Molly Grue, Prince Lír, Mommy Fortuna and her threadbare Midnight Carnival and Red Bull and its master, King Haggard. The Last Unicorn #1 (32 pages, $3.99) will be available in stores in April 2010. The Last Unicorn hits comics