New Arrivals: November 11, 2009

Decent week for comic book lovers. There's definitely a larger number of titles this week that will be fighting to find space in the bag you take home with you. What titles should you be looking for? Batman/Doc Savage Special #1, Tracker #1, and Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #1 are just a few of the titles kicking off new series this week. And that's all good and well. But there's another title, buried within the release list of Diamond Comics that actually looks like it could be some good clean fun. That title is The Ghoul #1 from IDW. Steve Niles and IDW go hand in hand together. Niles has pretty much made his name over at IDW working on countless horror stories and his latest is called The Ghoul. The idea is pretty simple in it's creation. LA Detective Lieutenant Lloyd Klimpt is in the middle of a Hollywood mystery that's a little strange for his tastes, which means he'll need help. Supernatural help. Enter The Ghoul, a hulking, monstrous investigator with a knack for solving those crimes where something goes bump in the night. The book would be noteworthy on Niles' name alone, but it's his artistic partner that may turn a few heads. Industry behemoth Bernie Wrightson is tagging up with Niles to create the somber, horrific mood in this book. Should be a blast. Enjoy! New Arrivals: November 11, 2009