New Arrivals: November 25, 2009

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Eve...I've officially made it so. It's also New Comic Book Day, and is a great day to stock up comics to get you through what's hopefully a four-day weekend (unless your employer/school doesn't give you Friday off). A slew of new comics are coming out this week but I think everyone knows the one that should be at the top of your list. Image United #1. Honestly, this book has been ten to fifteen years in the making. The glorious reunion of all the founding fathers of Image is upon us with all of them bringing their signature creations to the table. Todd McFarlane has Spawn, Erik Larsen Savage Dragon, Whilce Portacio Fortress (an original character), Rob Liefeld Youngblood, Jim Valentino Shadowhank and Marc Silvestri Witchblade/Cyberforce/The Darkness. Dale Keown's Pitt is also mixed in, as well covers by the last founding member Jim Lee. Robert Kirkman is the man tasked with bringing all these characters together in one cohesives storyline. The story pits the heroes (some anti-heroes) against the original Spawn, Al Simmons, in what will no doubt be an epic six-issue crossover that folks will be talking about for a while. There are about a zillion different covers (Image Comics may be taking this whole variant thing a little too far) and ultimately the cover you choose will probably be influenced by which of the characters you like most. Of course there will be variants of the variants as well so please don't kill yourself trying to get all the covers. Unless you've lying in bed awake every night since Image "broke up" waiting for such a reunion. Enjoy! New Arrivals: November 25, 2009