Preview - Devil's Handshake #1

Larry Hama has cut his teeth on G.I. Joe stories and chances are he's met Fumbles at least once. Writers like to diversify their bonds so to speak and work on other projects as well, projects such as The Devil's Handshake #1 from Archaia Studios Press. Co-written by Hama and Ryan Schifrin and featuring art by Adam Archer and Lizzy John The Devil's Handshake #1 focuses on the adventures of renowned treasure hunders Alaric Moebius and Basil Fox as they traipse the world. From the jungles of New Guinea to the deserts of Libya they're searching for a hidden pyramid with the power to end the world. The 48-page one-shot will set you back $5.95 and is in stores tomorrow (November 25). Enjoy a preview after the jump.