Preview - Fall of the Hulks Gamma

You may not have noticed but Marvel has really gotten behind this "Hulk" character. Two major motion pictures (three if you count Hulk Vs., a new son and an entire comic book continuity centered around the character for the better part of two years. With every rise though there's the inevitable fall, one that Hulk is about to experience firsthand. Jeph Loeb and John Romita, Jr. are collaborating on Fall of the Hulks Gamma to mourn the death of a hero. Which hero though? Well it doesn't take that long to find out as said hero is killed in the opening pages of the comic. This story has been building since World War Hulk and Marvel's toting it as "bigger than any Hulk story you've ever imagined!" Readers will find out who is the Red Hulk, who the Red She-Hulk is and what will happen to Bruce Banner. And apparently the ending creates a universe altering battle of epicness. The book goes on sale December 23, so be sure to look out for the special Santa Hulk variant. Check out some interiors after the jump.