Preview - The Secret History Book Six

French comic books aren't to big over here. Makes sense seeing as how Omnicomic is based in America and we tend to like our comics of the English language variety. Archaia thinks otherwise however and are bringing a French comic over to our fine shores. The Secret History Book Six is a critically acclaimed book series that plays around with history. In this book (called "The Eagle and the Sphinx"), Aker saves the life of a young Corsican artillery officer in 1793 Toulon. The old tyrannies are demolished until six years later when Napoleon leads the French army into Alexandria, Egypt. Don't forget Lascarir, an old Knight of the Malta variety dispatched to search a forgotten temple. Written by Jean-Pierre P├ęcau with art by Leo Pilipovic and Carole Beau and a cover by Manchu and Olivier Vatine is in stores this Wednesday. It's $5.95, but you do get 48 pages of nudity, graphic violence and adult content. It's like you're watching it on HBO! Check out some interiors after the jump.