PunisherMax #1 moves to second printing

Punisher is right up there with Deadpool (almost) as far as assassins with renewed popularity go. Sure, Punisher is more of a vigilante. But he's still fighting for the good guys right? Chances are if you're a Punisher fan you already picked up PunisherMax #1. If you didn't pick it up you may have to wait until the second printing, as the book is sold out at Diamond. The second printing due in stores December 23. Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon have crafted a story that spotlights a new bodyguard for the Rigoletto Family. It would appear that bodyguard is Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin. I'm guessing this is an early stage Kingpin...The second printing with inevitable variant cover will set you back $3.99 and probably isn't the best for children's reading. Full press release after the jump. PunisherMax #1 Sells Out and Returns With New Printing! From Frank Castle’s War Journal: Marvel announced that PunisherMax #1 sold out at Diamond (though copies may be available at the retail level). So what? You know how low crime rates have been since I came to town? I’m not taking any breaks, neither should the criminals. The PunisherMax #1 Second Printing Variant should help them out…maybe. But even I’ll admit they’ve got some heavy hitters on this one. That Jason Aaron kid might be a little young, but he’s got skills, I’ll give him that. And Steve Dillon (you say iconic, I say battle-tested)…I think I can trust him after 70 plus issues. He’s got a variant of his original cover in the works--the new one’s black and white, my kind of color scheme. The Rigoletto Family’s got a new bodyguard. He’s not just another schlub with a taste for the big time though. No, Wilson Fisk may just have what it takes to make himself Kingpin. That’s if I don’t take him out first. I strongly urge (don’t make me repeat myself) that retailers check their orders on PunisherMax. I don’t think I should have to explain myself but the press think it’s good enough. And the people who listen to those reporters think it’s even better. Fisk has got his heart set on moving up but it’s about time that I put him down in the PunisherMax #1 Second Printing Variant! PUNISHERMAX #1 SECOND PRINTING VARIANT (OCT098089) Written by JASON AARON Penciled by STEVE DILLON Cover by STEVE DILLON Explicit Content …$3.99 FOC—12/03/09, On-Sale—12/23/09