Review - The Anchor #2

It seems that Boom! Studios is really coming out with lots of new titles that are pretty unique lately. You’d think that with as long as comics have been around things would start seeming fairly recycled, but for some reason Anchor seems somewhat unique. The artwork is pretty traditional illustration, but the story so far has a pretty fresh feel to it. The Anchor, otherwise known as Clem, is an otherworldly figure who seems to guard this world from hell, while also protecting this world from the demons that make it through. What happens in one place seems to affect his being in the other creating some interesting opportunities for creative fights. In hell, Clem is constantly vigilant, embroiled in a constant war to keep demons and other foul creatures from being able to enter our world. On Earth, Clem is a solitary figure seeming distant from others and focused on his task. The task currently seems to be defeating five Furies that have been unleashed on the world. In Issue #1, he defeated the first of these, an ice monster threatening Reykjavik, by having his other self in hell hold a fire hound causing his hands to light on fire on Earth. This issue picks up in the aftermath of that battle. Read on for an overview of the issue and perhaps a preview of battles to come. This issue picks up with Clem walking out of the ocean near the cliffs surrounding a recently raided Abbey. The lone occupant remaining takes him in and allows him to recover. While caring for Clem, the education he received in between his nightmares was that of a holy man. Back in current times, Clem finally awakes uttering the word Strathclyde, an old term for Scotland used in ancient times. Clem realizes that the next Fury he must face is there as the mysterious figure from the last episode warns that he has defeated but one of the five furies. Clem, near death moments ago is suddenly up and says that he must leave. The reporters aching for an interview as well as the woman who gave him medical attention, Hofi, object. Hofi wants to go with him, and Clem seems to have a look of almost happiness on his face as she declares this. The scene shifts from here to a military facility briefly where it appears that at least someone who belongs in this world has an idea of what is going on. While the news reports the beginnings of what could be a cover up, one ominous figure begins scrambling forces to Reykjavik. In the meantime, Hofi has secured a boat to Scotland and she and Clem discuss his past. He is confused by the changes in the world since he walked out of the ocean to find himself in an abbey what seems like 1,000 years ago. The American forces that scrambled to Reykjavik in the meantime have arrived and are questioning Hofi’s partner Peter about the incident. These are not friendly people…I’m just saying. In the meantime Clem has arrived in Scotland at the park where the next Fury is hiding. He enters the forest and encounters a spirit who guides him to where “the horned man” is. The Fury seems to be a centaur looking beast with the skull of a great buck for a head. At his command are a herd of evil bucks or elks and he attacks immediately. It seems that the Fury is a twisted and evil spirit of the forest who sees himself as a representative for the voice of nature. Clem gets brutalized but then once again uses some clever fighting to gain the upper hand. Meanwhile back in the other world, the hell that Clem’s spirit holds his vigil, General Leling is getting frustrated by the constant reports of his forces being pounded to dust. It is NOT good to be this particular General’s messenger. The General has not lost hope though, because while the monk’s spirit may be tireless and better then any wall, he knows that the flesh is weak. The Monk exists in both worlds, and the death of one might be the death of all. As he eats the next heart, the Americans show up, and it appears that Clem might be in some trouble. This issue did a nice job introducing some of Clem’s background, including why he speaks like a holy man so much of the time, but we still really don’t know his origins. We know that he fights the forces of General Leling and Satan in Hell while defending the world from the monsters that are sent through. The battles are pretty brutal, but the focus of the comic so far seems mostly to be the journey. I like the variety of the demons in the book and the enemies seem really unique. I’m looking forward to the next issue and to see how those damn evil Americans impact Clem’s ability to protect us not only on Earth, but also from the forces of hell.