Review - Die Hard Year One #3

Well what do we have here? The latest issue of Die Hard Year One that after reading shows this series kicking it up a notch. For those of you out there who loves Die Hard but haven’t been reading this comic you are missing out. You are getting the chance to see how it all started for John McClane as a rookie cop during 1976 on the streets of New York City. Following is my review of issue three and this one takes the story to a whole new level where there are three stories are now merging into one big crazy situation. This issue picks up with the young woman Rosie continuing her run from the two crooked cops who murder someone in front of her. She almost finds herself on a collision course with officer McClane, but he is intercepted by the Commissioner and the wife of the richest man in New York City wanting him for security on her boat. We then pick back up with the crooked cops talking to the other member of their group about losing the girl down by the pier. The same pier that Rosie shows up on, and they quickly pounce on the chance to grab her and get rid of her once and for all. Lady Luck shines upon her though and she winds up on the same boat that McClane is on, finally merging the stories together. So far they have all been compelling on their own but how it’s all playing out is blowing my mind. Sure enough the party is going on and McClane is having a good time while being hit on by the rich man’s wife. Eventually he bumps into Rosie and starts chatting her up, but then the boat gets held up by robbers. What is crazy is the robbers are the crooked cops still in their uniforms rolling up in a freaking police boat. They just don’t care what they do or how it looks and goes to show the mentality of New York City during the 70’s and I love that about this series. It doesn’t hold anything back, while taking over the boat the crooked cop’s crew start rounding up guest and then cap a cook in the back of the head. The same closet that they decide to shove the cook’s body into holds McClane and Rosie hiding. Back up on the top deck it looks like they plan on blowing up the boat as the end of the issue shows us the guy I think is running it all show up in a freaking mini sub. If that isn’t some James Bond stuff then I don’t know what because that is awesome they went there. This series is only getting better and better in my eyes. They have taken a character with so much depth and determination to show how it all began in this manner just blends perfectly. I would think this rivals some of the other Year One novels out there, because they have hit it head on. If you haven’t read the first two yet then you need to as you are missing out on a kickass comic. There you have it my review of Die Hard Year One issue #3.