Defense with the BoomPick

Looks like it’s that time of the week for new comics to be coming out soon. As I'm sure you know because of the holiday last week new comics won’t be coming out until this Thursday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a peek at what's in store for you. After reviewing the list I saw a few that caught my eye to pick up and one stood above the rest that just made me laugh when I read the title. Which one do I speak of? A Very Zombie Christmas, coming at you from Antarctic Press. Not much information about this comic, except that it answers the questions of what sort of mayhem and chaos that Christmas time can be when you add zombies into the mix. All manners of evil spirits are let loose and are doing more then Christmas shopping this holiday season. Time to put down that turkey and pick up a mind blowing tale of Yuletime cheer and zombie dismemberment that will leave you wanting more. Go pick this one up Thursday and have yourself an early Christmas gift to hold you over.