Defense with the BoomPick

Tuesday is here as usual and brings with it the list of all the new comics coming out for us to go over and take in their stories. Every week we get new issues out that pick up right where the last one left off or are a brand new comic looking for a reader. Tomorrow is no exception as the next issue of an ongoing kick ass series has the next part revealed with Deadpool #18. This series has taken our favorite Merc with the Mouth through a whole slew of different scenarios from the Skrull invasion, to being hunted by President Osborn to even being a freaking pirate. His most recent stunt featured his attempting to become a member of the X-Men and puts him in a delicate situation. Deadpool is running amok in San Francisco with the X-Man Domino keeping watch over him. Of course this doesn’t go at all too well with Deadpool involved, because nobody can predict what he will do and this causes problems for the X-Men. Deadpool is hunting down a man who is a pawn of President Osborn attempting to cast the X-Men in a bad light and is close to doing this. So far these last few issues have been ramping up the action and intrigue in only a way that Deadpool can. I wish I could tell you more, but not a lot has been released about this issue. You're going to have to find out what happens next tomorrow just like I will. If you haven’t picked up any of these in the series you need to as it has been a great read and laugh the entire time.