Defense with the BoomPick

Welcome back to Defense with the Boompick. It’s once again that time of the week for new comics to hit the shelves of your local comic book store and I'm coming at you with my pick of the week. Since my pick last week was a Deadpool comic, I figured why fight it and just picked another Deadpool book. This week, I'm talking about Merc With the Mouth #6, a kickass adventure with twice the Mouth and a zombie head to boot. This issue is continuing the saga of the zombie Deadpool head from another Marvel Universe being hunted down by everybody who wants to use it as a weapon or get rid of it for good. H.A.M.M.E.R. agents, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and Deadpool have all ventured to the Savage Land to retrieve it. Needless to say this series hasn’t disappointed me yet with the non-stop action and humor you come to expect from Marvel and Deadpool. This issue is the last in this series and we finally get to see what becomes of the zombie Deadpool head; if it gets kicked back into his own universe or perhaps brings this Marvel Universe down with the zombie plague. We also get to find out what sort of payday is in store for the actual Deadpool and if he gets the girl in the end. Pick this one up to find out and you won't be disappointed.