Defense with the BoomStick

Mondays aren’t such a bad day, if you can say any day of the week might be one with the world we live in. When you have zombies forever hunting you down and always wanting you as their next meal then any day can be bad. No my friend, today is an alright one if you allow it to be and it’s up to all of us make this day count. Brandon here by the way and am bringing at you the news you need to know to survive in this zombie world in addition to my tip of the week on various different topics. No sense babbling on so let’s get to the business at hand. For the news let me review my notes and see what’s been happening in the world worth reporting on. To start a little closer to home I have been receiving more broadcasts from Central America requesting aid, but also that more places of safety are popping up. Most of the safe zones are on the islands in the Central America region because of the land connecting North and South America are being overran with zombies from both continents right in the middle of Panama.

I have told you before about Cuba holding their own and actually having no zombies on their island and taking refugees at a slow basis. Aruba, Jamaica, Curacao, the Virgin Islands and a few more are holding out and setting up points of entry onto the islands for survivors. News from further away takes us to Greece where the island portions are making vast improvements to their defenses and are making a push onto the mainland. The Mediterranean Sea is under human control with numerous ports and checkpoints dotted along the way. They are keeping it secure and destroying boats filled with zombies as well to keep them from landing somewhere and causing havoc. Now for the tip of the week. Today I am going to go over possible locations to mark as a safe location to make your own.

Now if you are on the run than any place you pass could be a potential place to call your own. There are a few key features a possible safehouse needs to contain for you to consider it all. Prisons are one thing if you can get into one as they are a perfect fit for your needs with the huge amounts of fences and numerous doors to lock or barricade inside the prison. Granted finding an uninhabited prison is going to be hard to do, but other places can do just fine as well depending on your location. A sturdy building with no low windows and a barricade-able door are all great checks when picking a place, but these sorts are temporary at best. When on the run finding secure buildings or location for a resting place these work great, but when it comes to long term survival that is a whole different story. When picking a place to stay put and survive on then you have to make sure the basic needs are all met.

Water is the most important thing to human life and without a good, clean supply on hand than you're better off moving on. Food is another one of those needs to have for survival; sort of thing that having a good supply on hand or able to grow your own will aid greatly in your survival. Of course when choosing a place that has a suitable water and food source it's important to remember that protection is still your most important thing to focus on. Without a wall or some way to keep the zombies out you won’t ever get a moment of peace or a way to actually make a life for your group of survivors. Any place near a town or city is ruled out immediately because of the inherent danger that comes with it because of the large number of zombies that would be around.

You should stay focused on locales as rural and devoid of people as possible to find your spot to call home. There are pluses and minuses for all locations that you might decide on making your new home and place to wage war against zombies; just realize you might find yourself as one of the many permanent nomads wandering until this war comes to an end. This topic can be discussed many different ways and includes a whole host of different factors that i didn't go over today but be mindful. I will leave it here for today as there's much work to do and things to get ready. You can never be too prepared in this day and age so stay on your toes. Until next week this is Brandon signing off.