Defense with the BoomStick

Monday again and you know what that means: time for the broadcast bringing to you the news to hear and tip of the week. Brandon here and it's been a long tough week around here for us as we have had a few attacks to deal with. No matter how long zombies have been around and been trying to kill us, you never get used to the initial stench. No sense drawing it out; let's get to it than shall we? News coming out of New Zealand shows that they have almost the entire island secure and a flotilla of ships are patrolling the shoreline keeping the island safe from zombie ships that could crash into the coast. For the mainland it's just about secure, as most outbreaks of zombies happened in the coastal cities and they were quick on the defense when zombie outbreaks started to happen around the world. I did hear that the New Zealand government is in communications with the huge U.S. forces in the New England region coordinating efforts to help each other.

They are working on a process to exchange goods and supplies between the two safe zones as New Zealand can produce food a lot easier than back in New England and I only see good things coming from this. On a moral note this is big news since it shows all of us that we can win this war and I hope you take this news and build upon it that we will win.

Looking over my notes for the tip of the week I am going to discuss……. Sorry folks I have to cut this broadcast short. I just received word from my lookouts that a horde of zombies are coming towards my area. They are chasing a group of survivors through a patch of woods near me and we are sending a team to go help them. I have to go coordinate our team and get our defenses ready for when the zombies follow them all here. Until next week this is Brandon signing off and hoping this goes well that I will be back on. Keep fighting, keep surviving. Gotta go.