Defense with the BoomStick

Well Monday has hit us in the face again full force this time, as it was a rough weekend weather wise. Snow, snow and more snow it seems we had in store for us around my neck of the woods; kinda makes you miss weather forecasts. Brandon here, broadcasting out to those who can hear me bringing to you the news and my tip of the week. Before the news I wanted to talk about the incident last week and out of the survivors we saved only lost a few (I lost one of my people). The rest are safe now and this snow has helped out greatly as zombies are much slower in the cold and heavy snow that -from reports- sounds like has hit most of the United States should make things a bit easier. If possible use this time to shore up your defenses or possibly go on supply runs to help you hold out.

The news is first on the agenda today and I have reports from my government contact in the Northeast that they are shipping munitions and some personnel to New Zealand to help them complete the security to hold the entire country. Fresh food supplies and building materials are being sent to help solidify the U.S. government’s position in the Northeast. For more news from North America, I've heard that some of the smaller Alaskan villages are building walls around them and are recruiting people to form a militia as well. They are sending teams to all the secure villages to help in their defense and are out helping anyone in the region, so be on the lookout if you are a survivor out around there.

I did get some intelligence about a possible bandit group that is quite large in size that has been destroying towns that manage to hold out and basically killing and taking what they want. When I get more info about them I'll let you know, but one thing I do know is they have mostly been active in Oklahoma and Kansas, bringing zombies that way in addition to them so be careful in that region. For my tip of the week I am going to go over survival in the frozen tundra regions that you may encounter in your travels.

For the most part this is a tough environment to survive in even without the threat of zombies, with the freezing temperatures and extreme wind that can kill you. These things also affect zombies greatly as they are slowed and can possibly freeze in the spot they are, allowing you to escape from them or take care of them with ease. When traveling through this type of region make sure to do it during the day with the warmth and light of the sun aiding you in spotting zombies from far away and helping you navigate safely. At certain temperatures you don’t even have to worry about zombies tracking you down as they just can’t stay mobile and you get to sleep without that fear keeping you semi-awake (still a good idea to have someone standing watch just in case though). Making it to where you are going is important, but so is staying warm and with that in mind make sure when getting a fire going to keep it from being to visible from the surrounding area.

One of the big problems with these types of cold regions is the frozen zombie. If you clear an area of zombies and set up your new home, you have to be careful when it gets warm around there as zombies can unfreeze and start an outbreak all over again destroying all you built. This environment is tough to survive in, but it is possible with the right know-how and determination to do it. Having the right gear also plays a huge role in your survival; constant maintenance of your weapons is needed as you don’t want your rifle jamming because it’s frozen. That’s it for this week as I've got more work to do. In this day and age your job is never done to keep people alive and help us win. This is Brandon signing off. Until next week keep fighting.