Defense with the Boomstick

Afternoon everyone, Brandon here and Monday has come about just a little too quickly for me. I know you would think that with the world we are living in celebrating a holiday makes no sense, but this past week did have Christmas so Merry Christmas to all those listening and remember to keep hope alive. Always important to remember what we're fighting for so that when this is all over we can do Christmas without the fear of zombies around every corner. Was a busy week around here as we had a few glitches with our equipment and of course zombie attacks constantly that have become more frequent causing concern among us. If anyone listening has seen increasing attacks on their locations contact me on frequency 76.8 to discuss our findings and figure out why it’s happening.

For the news I have a little bit to report on as I didn’t pick up too many transmissions this past week or get info from my contacts around the globe. I did hear some chatter about some bombings the U.S. government did to San Francisco and the Los Angeles areas as they have been seeing a huge concentration of zombies there via satellite. Take heart that they didn’t use any nukes on them though as even though we want to kill all the zombies want a non-radiation planet to live on. Also Hawaii has been broadcasting that the zombie outbreak is contained there and are slowly securing the main parts of the islands with parts of the U.S. Navy patrolling.

Speaking of island places the Philippines have been completely consumed as I haven’t heard any transmissions from there in quite some time. That’s all the news I have for you today and with that I bring you my tip of the week. For my tip today I wanted to talk about combat in jungles as I don’t believe this subject has come up (sorry been broadcasting these weekly tips for awhile that they blur together sometimes).

For the most part this is one of the worst environments to fight in as you have no long range sight making any battle a close combat one. Having your group equipped with shotguns, carbines, pistols and machetes are going to be your friends in this jungle nightmare. Using the sounds of the jungle are one of the most vital things you can learn, because animals always run when zombies are near making any spot of complete silence dangerous and should put you on high alert for zombies. While trekking through the jungle use the machetes to clear your way to make traveling easier, but also to see if any zombies are following you. You have to take it slow and be methodical if you are clearing an area of zombies to start your compound, but remember it will be a long task of doing so because zombies can be hidden everywhere.

In regards to that be sure to check the underbrush as zombies can be crawling through the jungle and you wouldn’t know it until they bit your foot or leg. This makes staying in a group and constantly scanning your immediate surroundings important. As always be sure to have an escape plan. That’s all I have for today for you fine folks out there. Keep fighting and keep surviving. This is Brandon signing off and I'll see you next year.