First Look - Manmachine

People just can't get enough of sci-fi epics (and I'm actually not talking about Avatar). Epic Dawn Comics has taken the "epic" part to heart and have a nifty comic online called Manmachine. Picture this if you will (it gets pretty crazy). A future United States has been obliterated by a capito-fascist Cartel, enslaving humans as operators of the Cartel (affectionately known as the "Business Class"). The predominant concern of the world is attaining eternal life in silico, a virtual state called Entropica. It's here that an AI robot named Manmachine is on a mission to assassinate Cartel CEOs. Of course, he doesn't know why that's his directive (or where he even came from for that matter), but he does know that he's fallen in love with Echo, another AI robot. And he has a brother, 17, who will "declare himself a Fourth Prophet to wage a holy war against mankind." Whew. Creator Martin Hekker likens the work to a "mash-up of Philip K. Dick, Dune, Naomi Klein, JG Ballard, Star Wars, the work of Warren McCulloch and others." The work also has an electronic music soundtrack that has been selected from a variety of electronic musicians. I'd be remiss if I didn't at least attempt to draw some parallels to the recent economic crisis the world is currently going through (as I'm sure that influenced this work just a touch). In any event the comic has a very visceral feel to it and there are currently two books. The presentation is actually pretty snazzy, as the accompanying mp3s play automatically as you read it to get the full experience. Check it out if you're interested and take a look at some artwork after the jump. Manmachine