Hank McCoy (Before the Fur)

So I haven’t slept! No really, not one bit last night. Was too busy writing this mammoth thing for my graduate program. Of course, you know, if it doesn’t go well I get kicked out of the program. But no pressure. When you’re dead in the middle of the night, hopped up on coffee and fighting the clock, there’s a couple of rare moments of insight that you have when you’re trying to take a break to recover and get back on it. One I had is this- Warren Ellis wrote something I liked. Other than The Authority, this is a rare occasion for me. Okay, before Warren Ellis comes to my house and skull-&**$ me- which, anyone who’s read his stuff will know, he would totally *&$# do, let me clarify- Ellis just isn’t my brand of comic. But he’s great at what he does: crazy, terrifying, quasi-horror superhero comics. Some of his stuff is graphic. Like, makes you rethink your life graphic. Anyway, he’s got another skill, turns out- he’s funny as *%$. What happened with Nextwave? What a great comic! It was hilarious! Every issue is like a masterpiece of hysterical, superhero craziness in the Marvel Universe. My favorite cover (see above) has the motto ‘My name is Aaron Stack’ under a shot of Machine Man and the motto ‘I wear purple underpants’ under Fing Fang Foom. You see what I mean? It’s a special kind of funny. But it's really frickin’ hysterical. It’s been a while since I laughed out loud at a comic I read. The plot of the book is nearly incomprehensible, but it doesn’t particularly matter that it isn’t written to stand in the main Marvel continuity. But Ellis does dig up some interesting characters to work with- besides Stack (who spends much of the comic reveling in robot-ness and referring to humans as ‘fleshy ones’), Monica Rambeau (former Avenger, former Captain Marvel- who tells some off-color stories about earth’s mightiest heroes), Elsa Bloodstone, world renowned monster hunter (whose family issues defy description), Tabitha Smith, Boom-Boom from X-Force (enough said), and a character called Captain-*%&$. Yeah, that’s right, Captain-*&%$, like that, censored. Hence the censoring in this colum. Or just ‘the Captain’. I think it’s Captain &*%$ because he may beat the *&$# out of you. I can’t believe there were only 12 issues of this brilliant, brilliant comic! How can there not be more!? Please, get out there and help get this comic back on the rack. I don’t care if I’m three years too late on this score. This &*%$ is too good to pass up. Let me put it this way- they have a theme song. A real, honest-to-God theme song. For the comic. It is recorded by the comic’s editor Nick Lowe and his band Thunder Thighs. If, after hearing it, you aren’t convinced…well, you lose my friend. Here’s the link: Next Wave theme song