Marvelous Color

It's hard to ignore the impact that Marvel superheroes have on youths. Or adults for that matter. Characters like Johnny Blaze and Tony Stark appear in various songs (Wu Tang anyone?) and kids everywhere want to be able to sling webs or whip out adamantium claws. Or maybe control the weather like Storm. Or fight vampires like Blade. In an effort to promote the diversity of comics Somos Arte wants to look at a subset of those heroes; specifically, black heroes. At an exhibit at the CCCADI gallery (408 West 58th Street, NYC) Somos Arte is sponsoring a show called "Marvelous Color." The show looks at art featuring Storm, Black Panther, Blade, the Falcon and War Machine. The show starts January 4 and will run through February 26. The show will feature art from the following: Eric Battle, Sal Buscema, John Byrne, Dennis Calero, John Cassaday, Sean Chen, Chrischross X, Dave Cockrum, Gene Colan, Denys Cowan, Ron Garney, Gabriel Gecko, Billy Graham, Ken Lashley, Jae Lee, Leonardo Manco, Shawn Martinbrough, Danny Miki, Jim Mooney, Khoi Pham, Joe Quesada, John Romita, Jr., John Romita, Sr. and David Williams. Yeah, there's some pretty big name talent on that list. Be sure to check out the site and make an effort to take in art focused on characters in the Marvel Universe not named Iron Man or Spider-Man. Marvelous Color