Mr. Freeze in DCU Online

In what is timing that should be considered extremely perfect (with it being a week after the Winter Solstice) Softpedia is reporting that Mr. Freeze will be included in the upcoming DCU Online game from Sony Online Entertainment. Players who encounter him won't experience anything different as far as backstory goes, as it seems the creators are sticking with the tried and true canon about Victor Fries and his quest to save Nora. In the game, his actions will be determined by a need for diamonds and money to power his suit and experiments. Of course, if you're running in a crew with Batman and Superman then he'll probably take the opportunity to attack. It shouldn't really come as any surprise that he's in the game since it is called DC Universe. And he is a relatively important part of the Rogues' Gallery for Batman. What's even more intriguing is the rumors of his inclusion in Batman: Arkham Asylum 2. He was in the first game, albeit in a riddle/nod capacity. I'm curious if the two games will characterize him similarly and if not what the difference will be. Same goes for Batman and the rest of the Rogues' Gallery I suppose. One thing is definitely for sure. Mr. Freeze in the games won't be saying "cool party." If you saw me right now you'd see me shuddering, and not because of how cold Mr. Freeze is. Mr. Freeze in DCU Online