New Arrivals: December 16, 2009

Eric Powell's a decent comic creator right? I mean, I keep hearing things about this "Goon" of his, but is it really that awesome? It is? Well I'll be damned. It should go without saying that yes, Powell is pretty slick when it comes to comics. Even those that don't revolve a hulking central character not named Hulk. Say, for example, a comic named after a delightful delicacy enjoyed with a sangria and mole sauce. A chimichanga perhaps? Even better than the "meal" I just laid out is a comic by the same name coming out tomorrow called Chimichanga #1. It should go without saying that a comic called "chimichanga" may be a little offbeat, and in this tale Powell tells the story of a bearded girl. She's part of an underwhelming traveling circus but happens across a bizarre creature that changes both of their lives. This is Powell's first written and illustrated creator-owned series since The Goon! Enjoy! New Arrivals: December 16, 2009