New Arrivals: December 23, 2009

December 23, the day before the day before Christmas; that holds true every year. This year there's a slight bit of awesome added to the day in that it happens to be Wednesday. A day of much rejoicing and new comics. Plenty of stuff shipping to keep you occupied while spending time with family, in-laws, friends and general chaos. What should you have at the top of your list? How about The Last Days Of American Crime #1? Interested? The Last Days of American Crime #1 is written by Rick Remender and features art by Greg Tocchini. The not-too-distant future features a secret broadcast signal capable of preventing people from knowingly commiting unlawful acts. Of course, the government wants to keep this program a secret so they create a distraction by implementing a new currency system using digital charge cards. Career criminal Graham Brick plans on stealing one of the charging stations to live a comfortable life, but one week before the snti-crime signal was to go live the media leaked news of it. Obviously this news will have implications on his plan as well as the plan of other criminals all over the country. Enjoy! New Arrivals: December 23, 2009