New Arrivals: December 3, 2009

Well that was an exciting last week eh? It was a three-day week for most of you readers out there, as last week featured the day for giving thanks and the last holiday that stands in the way of companies and their full-out Christmas advertising. It's going to be tough to find a comic this week that comes with the same level of fervor that Image United #1 brought with it last week. That's not an affront to the other comics being released tomorrow, but rather a testament to what reuniting the founders of Image Comics will do to a comic book's desirability. Needless to say, this week boasts some other fine comic book choices, including Dingo #1 from Boom! Studios. The mini-series is written by Michael Alan Nelson (with art by Francesco Biagini) and is basically a supernatural crime story, similar in style to 100 Bullets. A man named Dingo is after a box, no matter what it takes for him to get to said box. What's in the box you ask? I'm pretty sure it's not a hole, and whatever it is Dingo is willing to kill to get it back. And no, a dingo DID NOT eat your baby. I'll just get that one out of the way now. Enjoy! Please note that apparently comics will be out this Thursday (December 3) as opposed to Wednesday, most likely owing to Thanksgiving last week. New Arrivals: December 3, 2009