New Arrivals: December 30, 2009

If you can believe it, this week's new comics will be the last of the decade. As insane as that may sound don't think that publishers have been saving their best for now. We've definitely seen some pretty epic comics and storylines this past decade that have reshaped universes and made names for writers and artists. Having said that (thanks Larry David), this will be Omnicomic's last pick until next year. What do I recommend you end the year reading? Blackest Night #6 of course. Written by Geoff Johns and featuring covers by Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert and Rodolfo Migliari. In this issue the secrets of the Nekron are revealed as darkness consumes the DC Universe. There's a catch to this release though. Only those comic shops participating in DC's "Green Christmas" will have the book for sale tomorrow. If you're not near any of these magic comic shops then you'll have to wait until January 6 to get the book for $3.99. Enjoy! New Arrivals: December 30, 2009