Preview - The Engineer Vol. 1: Konstrukt

It's never a good day when an ancient sentient entity is "feasting on the very fabric of space and time." It is a good day however when you have someone that can stop said entity in the last survivor of a destroyed Earth: The Engineer. The Engineer Vol.1: Konstrukt is written by Brian Churilla and Jeremy Shepherd and features art by Churilla. By using a pipe organ that allows for pan-dimensional travel (whazzuh?!?!), The Engineer seeks to find the components necessary to build The Konstrukt. The mechanism gives the user the ability to manipulate reality and hope to defeat that consumer of time and space. The series has it all: giant bat creatures, were-crabs, immense rock creatures, amorphous witches and armies of undead. The book comes from Archaia and isn't really anything new but something Archaia feels you might be interested in. All 128-pages will set you back $9.95 and the December 16 (today!) ship date makes it an attractive gift for that comic book fan on your Christmas list. Check out some interiors after the jump.