Preview - Okko: The Cycle of Earth #3

If I were a comic book series and I made it to a second volume I'd be pretty happy. Ecstatic even. I can only imagine that Okko: The Cycle of Earth #3 is near the crest of that series' happiness. The issue is part of the second volume of the lauded French comic book series that focuses on ronin Okko and his merry (?) band of demon hunteres. Him and his team are this close to learning about the powerful Raven monks, but it's going to take teaming up with a one-armed, female samurai warrior with a rat servant to find The Forbidden Libraries (these are times before Google). It's here that they hope to learn more about the sorcerer monks and why they've been stealing bodies of dead soldiers from battlefields all over the Pajan Empire. An Army of Dead perhaps? The 32-page issue will set you back $3.95 and is no doubt setting the table for an epic denouement if you will in the fourth and final issue. It hit stores yesterday, and you can check out a preview after the jump.