Preview - The Rejects

Picture this if you will. The US government has a dirty secret (not too hard to picture I'll admit but work with me). The Weaponized Human Proliferation Department (WHPD) abducts random citizens from their homes, erasing information about them. Their goal? Genetically alter them as weapons for their control. What the hell am I talking about? The Rejects by Anthony Ferrante and illustrator Noah Barret. Ferrante and Barret's tale focuses on the WHPD's efforts to subdue these citizens with "The Blue," an injectable serum that gives them control. One of two things happens here: the subject gains altered abilities and becomes mentally submissive or the subject reacts negatively and dies. Yeah. Of course, there's always door #3, where the injected become rife with ability and intellectually independent. Cue The Rejects. The first issue is available for purchase for a mere $1.99 hardcopy, while a PDF copy will set you back $0.99. Order it here, and check out a preview after the jump. Of course, it's not available until January 2010, but the preview is available now.