Preview - The Secret History Book Seven (Of Seven)

When I was younger in high school one of my friends aspired to be a comic book writer and artist. He had this almost frenetic idea to create a somewhat mythical world that centered around a chalice and to add emphasis to its importance whenever he recounted his potential story he would yell "CHALICE!" at the appropriate points. Why am I telling you this you ask? Segueway... The Secret History Book Seven (Of Seven) focuses on the Archon of the Chalice. More specifically, the archon Dyo and revenant William in Sarajevo amidst a war-ravaged Europe in 1914. Writer Jean-Pierre P├ęcau and artists Igor Kordey and Carole Beau (covers by Manchu and Olivier Vatine) bring to you the story of their lives and how their actions may bring about another world war. The book clocks in at 48-pages and is $5.95. It's for mature readers, meaning there's nudity, graphic violence and adult content and should be available for purchase today. Check out a preview after the jump.