Review - Deadpool #18

When reading a comic you come to expect certain things from it to amuse and keep you reading and wanting more. After reading Deadpool #18 I was blown away once again by the fantastic story and art that told the story. It was freaking hilarious, action-packed and all around a great read and I'm still laughing about just thinking about it. This entire series has been one big rollercoaster ride of awesomeness that doesn’t see an end to the madness our favorite Merc with the Mouth gets into. For a bit of a recap on the story so far, Deadpool is trying to join the X-Men and they aren’t having it. They send him to San Francisco to hold up, but bad for them a certain man is in that city as well. The man is the father of one of the Mutants on Utopia Island and is a stool of President Osborn. Deadpool figures to try and kill this man to help out the X-Men and sends them on the trail after him to stop him. Wolverine and Domino are the closest to intercept him and are on the hunt, while Deadpool is putting the man Kincaid under fire to get him to come outside where our new issue picks up. Read on for the review of the latest Deadpool misadventure. With Kincaid coming outside with the two H.A.M.M.E.R. Agents with him, the X-Men show up as well to stop Deadpool from killing him (Deadpool is wearing a custom made X-Men costume that is awesome looking). Deadpool is up on a ledge spying the chaos down below as the X-Men try to find him, but there is also a H.A.M.M.E.R. Agent sniper targeting Kincaid as well to make sure he dies. Wolverine runs in at the exact moment as the shot rings out and saves Kincaid, but Deadpool wasn’t aiming at him as he killed the sniper. Now we take it to the next level here as the X-Men find Deadpool on the ledge with him fighting Cyclops, Colossus, Domino and Surge. Throughout the entire fight Deadpool is hilarious with the jokes making this comic what it has been the entire series. Eventually Deadpool's shenanigans get him with a gun pointed at the back of Cyclops head with one of the best lines “Admit it Cyclops, I got moves.” I freaking lost it reading that. To top it off the entire fight was a plan by Deadpool to make the X-Men be heroes again as they are taped fighting and Cyclops saying that Deadpool has been or never will be an X-Men thus clearing them. It was sheer genius this issue I really enjoyed it. You need to be reading this series as you will not be disappointed as the writing is spot on with who Deadpool is. They keep it funny; bit bloody at times but not over the top and because most of the damage happens to Deadpool himself it's even funnier. He really does a lot of odd jobs and shows a bit of the crazy side and mind of our favorite Merc with the Mouth. This guy is simply insane, but in a awesome way that just blows your mind and you will not regret reading. I really like the direction they are going and can’t wait for the next issue to see what happens next.