Review - Witchblade #132

Better late then never right? Sara and boyfriend Patrick Gleason have decided that an appropriate thing to do in the aftermath of the War of the Witchblades would be a nice vacation. Nothing like a little rest and relaxation to clean up some of the relationship strains that happened while Sara was under the influence of the dark half of the Witchblade, right? Now that she has complete possession of it again (and for now at least is in complete control of her faculties) let’s go on vacation! Dani Baptiste is off being the host to Angelus. What could go wrong? Well…apparently lots! Everyone knows heroes don't get vacations. The small town in Vermont that Sara and Gleason decide to vacation in seems to have a disappearing child problem. The kids go to the playground, then go into the woods and then they are gone. Being the cops that they are, the vacationing NYPD duo offer their assistance. While I find it a little bit of a stretch that minus any verification of who they are or even any ID the cops just invite them into the investigation…I can overlook that. Big things are going on in this town, and it is a bit of a nice change of scenery from the dark and gritty side of NYC. This issue really focused more on the setup to the conflict over the children and who…or what…is taking them in the night. The real focus to me is the fractured relationship between Gleason and Sara. While they seem to talk it out, might it have been a little foreshadowing when Sara was reflected in a broken wine glass on the floor where the splattered wine looks a lot like blood? Who knows? As usual the Witchblade images and characters are drawn really well with an almost lifelike quality to them, but not in a photographic way. There is definitely a little sexiness to be had in this issue, nothing like a little fan service every now and then to keep the masses coming back. This issue does it in context with what is going on in the scene though, so it didn’t seem out of place at all. Overall, something really scary is going on in this town, and hopefully Pezzini is up to the task of solving the mystery and probably saving the kids while she's at it. This issue ends with a bit of a cliffhanger, but somehow I think Sara will find a way to pull it out. This was a good set up issue. It is going to be hard to match the intensity of the last few issues, but I have a feeling that we may see some of that dark side of Witchblade coming out in issues to come.