The Rocketeer: Complete Collection

I used to love The Rocketeer. The film had that certain something that made it work: a believable lead in Bill Campbell, a sinister villain in Timothy Dalton and the always delicious Jennifer Connelly. Even the Nintendo game that was adapted from the film wasn't half-bad despite it being Nintendo hard. It's sort of a wonder that it took nearly twenty years for the property to be revisited, so leave it to IDW to do just that. The Rocketeer: Complete Collection is written and illustrated by Dave Stevens and is a hardcover volume that combines The Rocketeer and The Rocketeer: Cliff's New York Adventure. Steven's classic strip is set in the 1930s and focuses on Cliff Secord, a stunt pilot who stumbles upon a spiffy and shiny jetpack. The strip has been out of print for years until now. The Stevens estate has given the project their full blessing and cooperation and as a means of updating it will feature new coloring by Laura Martin. There's no word on release date but I'd wager it's available in the near future, just in time for Christmas. I do know that the film is available now, so maybe it's a good time to revisit a classic. The Rocketeer: Complete Collection