Batman: The Animated Series Writer's Bible

Batman: The Animated Series is quite possibly the best animated superhero show ever made (I'm sure there are some Justice League Unlimited and X-Men defenders out there, but I'm going to have to say you've lost this discussion). Anyways, the show's writer's bible is making the rounds and it's got some quality info about the show. Mainly stuff about the direction Paul Dini wanted to take the show and how it got to be where it was. It's chock full of character designs, episode concepts and the general feel of the show. My favorite section that may sum up the show most succinctly is the following: "Our stories will be hard-edged crime drams with villains who play for keeps. Yes, many of them will come from Batman's well-known Rogues Gallery, but they will be as wild, dark and sinister as we can make them. Each episode will also feature a big SET PIECE, an incredible visual action visual that will be a looked-forward-to element in each show. This will be the climax, centerpiece or show-stopper of each episode." That paragraph alone jogs my memory for just about any episode in the show. And it also explains why the show was so epically awesome. In any case, it's a slow news week, so read and enjoy on this fine New Year's Day.