Defense with the BoomPick

Time for new comics once again and there's much to look forward to that’s coming out tomorrow. This week was a tough choice for me to make a pick with many great titles coming out that continue a storyline or finish one. No need to waste time though, as my pick of the week is We Kill Monsters #6. This issue is the last of the six part tale of two brothers who have become entangled with some monsters. We finally get to see the story behind the monsters and a sort of redemption for the one brother Jake. We Kill Monsters #6 starts us off in the cereal factory where the brothers Andrew and Jake are going to throw down with the mastermind of the monsters, Dennis. Get ready for a knockdown brawl between Jake and Dennis that really kicks it up a notch. Will the heroes make it out alive or could one possible fall? You can check out my review here and pick this one up tomorrow to find out how this awesome series ends.