Defense with the BoomPick

Looks like it’s time once again for new comics tomorrow, a day I look forward to every week. With the new comics coming out this week one in particular has got me excited and of course is my pick. Went with a Marvel comic which stars none other than Deadpool. Conveniently enough the title of the comic is Merc with the Mouth #7 and pits Deadpool against zombie head Deadpool. This issue finishes the saga of the zombie head being put back into its own dimension, but Deadpool went along with it. When they hopped through the interdimensional portal in Florida they find themselves bouncing around different dimensions and alternate realities. Each different dimension contains a wacked out view of reality and they only get weirder with each one the two visit. What kicks it up a level is the alternate Deadpools they bump into during the travel. Among the different versions of himself are Major Deadpool, the Deadpool Kid and a version deadlier than himself, Lady Deadpool. What's going to happen? Only picking this issue up can you find out. You're in for a bonus treat as it’s a special double-sized issue.