Defense with the BoomStick

Happy New Year to all those listening and hopefully this will be a better year for all of us. Got a few quick announcements, as since the New Year is upon us the US government has decided to broadcast a message from the Vice President for the next week and has taken over my airwaves. I worked it out where I can broadcast this to let all of you know I will be back next week and to also share a little bit of news. My scouts show that Iceland has had a setback in their efforts with a boat that drifted to shore crashing and sending zombies out on the island. The forces there are responding but were slow coming and a number of the zombies got away from the wreckage so be on the alert if you are there.

Also India has become overrun with zombies (along with Pakistan) as they just couldn’t hold out anymore and it seems most of the people fled to the caves of Afghanistan and those mountainous areas that make it difficult for zombies to navigate. That is all I have for the news until next week here is the government message.

Begin transmission... Attention, attention to all survivors hearing this message and still within the continental United States please head towards the New England region of the country. We have set up a secured, walled-in portion of this area and are rebuilding which requires people with skills to help advanced this important goal. If you can make the journey a place to call your own and a future is in store for you and whomever you bring with you. If you are unable to make the journey to this part of the country then head to Washington state as we have begun a buildup there as well and have started to wall in the entire state and are in need of people for that too. I know the risks are great no matter what choice is made and it shall only be done with the most careful thought.

This message is sent to inspire hope, a hope that will allow us to take back what is ours and dig our country out of this darkness and bring the world back from the brink of extinction. I leave you with this message keep hope alive and keep fighting. We will win and make life peaceful again. Thank you End transmission... That is the message that they plan on repeating, so I'm going back off the air. Until next week this is Brandon signing off.