Defense with the BoomStick

Today has happened again (man these weeks just fly by too fast). Brandon here and it’s Monday, which is time for some news and a tip to get ya through the week and beyond. Seems a lot has happened this past week here in the U.S. but I’ll get to that in the news part. No sense babbling on let’s get to it the news. Remember that broadcast last week from the Vice President about them building a wall up around Washington state and to head that way? Well turns out zombies beat them to it and wiped out all the soldiers and refugees there before the wall was even half done. If you were originally heading that way stop now as there is nothing but death for you there; if you're in the area head northeast towards Canada. Head that direction until you cross over then aim towards Alaska as they are secure up there and have most of the state secure with numerous outposts.

Another path out of there is to head northeast up around the base of Canada and make you way towards New England as they have their wall completed and are a lot more security there. For my tip of the week I am going to talk about how to escape zombies that might be chasing you in an urban setting.

Now this is already a dangerous situation, because of the urban setting with a zombie around every corner. If you find yourself being chased by a zombie or two you have to get out of its line of sight and the easiest way to do that is enter a building. Therein lies another challenge as that building you decided to hide in could be infested with zombies waiting for you. Alleys are your friends, but getting on rooftops is better (if accessible). Getting into tight confined spaces will not end well for you as speed is your friend and ally against zombies and is sacrificed in small spaces. Barricading yourself in is never a good solution for the long run; if you trap yourself with zombies that will never give up unless something else distracts them this is where being part of a group helps.

This comes in handy especially if you have some form of handheld radios to stay in contact. Otherwise a good rule is if they don’t come back by a certain amount of time is to rule them dead. I know you might think it's harsh to say that, but it's better to have one dead then the entire party dying when they attempt a search party. Always remember when traveling in an urban zone noise is bad. Make sure to have a melee or silent weapon on you in addition to your primary weapon just in case. When running from zombies make as many turns as possible to assist losing them, but just make sure you know the place you're in so you don’t find yourself trapped or lost. There is my tip of the week. Remember to keep fighting and keep surviving. This is Brandon signing off.