Defense with the BoomStick

Good afternoon to all those listening, name is Brandon for all you new listeners, here to bring you the news from around the world and a tip to help you survive. Welcome to the broadcast and let’s get to this then. For the news, a lot of new pushes have been going on in Europe to make more areas secure. In England, most of the remaining population is holed up in the old castles that dot the country, since they are the most secure and are being improved constantly. Sweden and Norway are also gaining a more secure footing in their fight against the zombies, but Denmark has not had many communications come out lately (I fear it is lost). For the southern part of Europe Sicily has been holding strong and the remains of the Italian navy are there protecting the citizens and the Vatican officials that made it there with the Pope. Most of the islands in the Mediterranean are keeping alive and keeping the fight going.

For bit of quick news from the homefront here in the United States I do have some good news. I reported a week or two back that the government plan to wall off the state of Washington failed as they were overrun. It seems that a good number of survivors made it out by way of the sea and are in the process of heading to Alaska. Enough of the news; let’s get to the tip. For my tip today I'm going to go over a few advanced warning systems you can put around your compound or house that you have made into your place to survive.

Hopefully you already do have some sort of a warning system in place to let you know when zombies might be heading your way. Knowing a zombie is coming helps you plan your escape or possibly get the jump on one lone zombie becoming many zombies, banging on your door. Sometimes the simplest thing works, such as stringing fishing wire all around your complex with soda cans attached. The benefit of this is the noise alerts you to something within your outer perimeter and may also distract them. Of course, you can string some grenades along that same wire. That way, when a zombie goes through the wire the grenade pin gets pulled and boom -dead zombie and an alerted you. On a sidenote about distracting them.

A good method to do is to set up some sort of voice recording or small radio and run the power cable along the trees, away from your place to use in case of escape that you can activate. Another method is to litter the ground around your place with glass, gravel, bubble wrap or anything that would make noise when stepped on to alert you that something is coming. Granted a lot of these would not be needed with a good solid wall protecting you, but these will help you if no wall is there. That’s my tip for this week hope it was informative and keep listening next week for more news and more tips. This is Brandon signing off and remember to fight on and stay alive letting us eventually win this war of attrition against the zombies. Until next week...