Defense with the BoomStick

Monday's back and it was always a dreaded day back when there was a work week. Now everyday is a freaking bad day, but that won’t stop us from living now will it? Brandon here to share the news and my tip of the week, so let's get to it. For the news I haven’t heard too much chatter this past week...guess nobody really feels like talking. Seems most folks are hunkering down and not venturing out too much as of late.

I did catch a report from a British Naval vessel that was cruising by Guam and saw zombies have taken over a large portion of the island. All earlier efforts by the United States there have just about all fallen apart and I will keep you updated on it when I hear more. That looks to be all the news I have to share with you today. I did catch a new report about that guy named Tedd and seems he was last seen in Canada now. Now for the tip of the week. For my tip this week I'm going to discuss how to survive an attack on your home base or compound that you call upon to survive in.

If you find yourself under siege by zombies staying calm is most important. There is no way to just wait them out as the zombies will stay banging at your door until their dead or something else distracts them. You want to take care of the zombies as quick as possible to help keep more from showing up and giving your position away. A good idea for this is to have a system in place to distract them away from you, like an escape tunnel that leads you away from your camp and if needed can be used to make a run for it. This also is a good time to have firing slits in the front of your compound or ways to get on the roof to shoot down at the zombies banging on your walls.

If and when the fight is over clean up becomes the most important factor you need to take care of and burning the bodies is the best way to dispose of them. Make sure to take the bodies a certain distance away from your compound as to not draw any more attention to you and to not be overwhelmed by the smell. Knowing when to give up the fight is always a danger when confronted with zombies. This place might be your home, but dying to protect it isn't always the best course and I hope you are prepared to make that decision if need be. That’s it for this week. This is Brandon signing off and keep fighting, keep surviving.