Free Comic Book Day Silver List

Free Comic Book Day is about more than just Marvel and DC. Granted, they typically make up the "Gold List" of comic books available for the price of free. But there are other publishers looking to get your eyes on their names, and they typically comprise the "Silver List." Comic Attack was kind enough to compile a list of the silver-tinged variety, and they've even included previews alongside the names. There are a ton of books that are worth a look, including Irredeemable #1, The Tick #1 and Green Hornet #1. Check out the full list after the jump, and be sure to note which ones you're most excited about picking up on May 1. The Stuff of Legend/The Mortal Instruments Preview Sonic the Hedgehog Worlds of Aspen Fearless Dawn/Asylum Press Sampler S.E. Hinton/Fame Bongo Comics Free-For-All Irredeemable #1 DC Kids Mega-Sampler Del Rey Showcase Green Hornet #1 Weathercraft: A Frank Comic The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Comics Library of American Comics #0 First Look Love and Capes #13 Iron Man: Supernova The Tick #1 Oni Press Free-For-All #1 The Sixth Gun #1 Radical: Bigger Books! Bigger Value! Atomic Robo and Friends Freedom Formula: Speed Metal Overtures #0 Owly and Friends


  1. Thanks for the plug here guys!

    I'm most looking forward to The Stuff of Legend and the comic you spotlighted above, Fearless Dawn!


  2. I'm actually curious about Atomic Robo myself after reading some of the preview stuff on Nuklear Power's website. Lots of good selections as always.


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