Hank McCoy (Before the Fur)

I’m out on the road. Busting my ass. It’s all I do these days. I had to drive out to east bumble*($# for an interview today (just one of many I’ve been doing lately). It kind of got me thinking- my life is kind of like Dark Reign now. You know how all the different Marvel comics have had this ‘what happens if everything became totally evil’ thing going on? Elektra has been abducted by Osborn and used as an assassin, Reed has been actively considering screwing around with time, the ‘Thunderbolts’, if possible, now consist of a worse team of individuals than they did previously (Mac Gargan, A.K.A. the Scorpion in the Venom Symbiote, Moonstone, Wolverine’s ‘son’ Daken…Bullseye for Christ's sake…)…evil. Evil evil evil. Well, see, that’s sort of my life these last few months. I’ve been inundated with work, internship interviews, oral defenses…it’s been non-stop. Sometimes I feel like there is some mysterious, distant figure manipulating the scenes behind my life making things very difficult for me. In fact, I had to come through in a big way in an exam I took recently (you are literally dropped from the program if you don’t pass this thing). If something had gone wrong, I was seriously considering just pointing at a professor and shouting ‘DARK REIGN!’ and running out of the room full blast. No, in all seriousness, I am really psyched for two reasons. A. Siege and B. Marvel Comics’ movies. I love the New Avengers- really, I do. What’s not to love? Luke Cage, Jessica Drew, Peter Parker and Wolverine…what a frickin’ awesome team. But when was the last time you saw Cap, Iron Man, and Thor open up a can of superhero whoop-ass on some diabolical prick? I mean, they were the core of the Marvel U.- the center that held without it. I’m not saying I want the New Avengers to go away. I’m just saying with all of this un-ethicalness, it’s the perfect time to see some old-school Avenging action set things right. I mean, isn’t that the coolest thing about the Avengers? They were too powerful, for too long I think- they were near undefeatable. But it’s when it’s all on the line, when the odds of success are near obsolete, that’s when the Avengers really shine, I think. When they pull of the near-impossible by the skin of their teeth. I’m a little iffy on bringing Cap back. It’s just that his death was so powerful and well done- and truth be told, I thought Bucky was an interesting choice to put in Cap’s place. And everything with Civil War- killing Cap sort of heralded this big shift in the Marvel U. It was like the end of an era- the end of innocence maybe. There wasn’t going to be someone like Captain America again. The time when conscience and morality was enough to guide everybody alone was over. And nobody knew what was going to happen next. But having the Avengers come back together now, as a sort of parallel to their original formation…it’s just too perfect to pass up. I kind of love seeing Thor and Asgrad figuring a little more prominently into the Marvel U. as well. I always kind of felt like a lot of what happened in that comic seemed of such momentous importance and yet got such little ‘play’ in the background of other comics. I mean, you think a comic about gods and the fabric of reality and such would reverberate heavily into other books- but it always just seemed very ‘contained’ to me. So I’m psyched to see Asgard (and Loki) really get the attention they deserve. On the same note- this thing is really happening. The Avengers movie. Sam L. Downey Jr. Scarlett Johannson as the Black Widow- could you have asked for a better cast job? My one hope is- please, please have Ed Norton come back as Banner. I don’t want anybody else playing that part. Did you ever think their was going to be the equivalent of a comic-book crossover in movie form? It’s sort of like the ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ movie that, depending on who you talk to, was a really movie project that fell apart or was some fanboy rumor. I just never thought any company would actually commit to something like this- like, we’re going to make a series of films for several main characters, but we’re also going to bring the cast of those movies together for one big film… Iron Man 2 is looking hot. Granted, I think maybe the trailer was trying a little hard to be Dark Knight-ish…the fade to black, the scary monologue over images of destruction…but still, tell me that shot of War Machine suit doesn’t get you fired up? Editor's Note: It should be noted that Tedd has a soft spot for War Machine as he's currently tending to Terrence Howard's cat (THC). True story. No, really. I'm not making this up.