Manga - The Other White Meat

I’m a little short for topics this week so let’s just make this week's review short and sweet shall we? Nothing too crazy happened in Bleach and Naruto this week as we simply had continuations of battles from last week. Even with the week off, it appears the holidays also delayed the manga so we’ll pick up right where we left off! BLEACH Ready for the formula? Okay…if you are a villain in Bleach, you die. I hope I didn’t give away too much there. In chapter 387 Captain Komamaru and Hisagi are saying their goodbyes to former Captain Tousen when Aizen blasts him away to finish him. Aizen doesn’t show much mercy to people that lose. After that Shinji attacks Aizen after releasing his Zanpaktou in order to use its power to mess with peoples senses. Apparently it causes all of your movements to reverse so right is left, left is right, up is down, etc. It also makes is so that your vision sees things in reverse as well. For a split-second Aizen seems surprised to be as disoriented as he is. Shinji gets really confident and attacks a few times. Unfortunately just when it seems that he has a slight upperhand, Aizen compares his ability to that of a child and cuts him down. So, with no fights going on and no idea where former Captain Gin went, Ichigo shows up of course. Just about as predictable as you would imagine. I predict Ichigo will win over an opponent that all of soul society can’t collectively stop. Honestly, I hope the series ends after this arc. I am only following it because I have been reading and watching it since the beginning years ago at this point. If it continues the way it is I’m going to find a new manga to review. NARUTO In chapter 477 the fight between Sasuke and Danzou continues on. Danzou appears to be able to use all of his Sharingan from his arms to have multiple abilities. Sasuke attacks again and again with Susanoo, his ultimate ability, and although its defense and offense is amazing, he can’t touch Danzou as he seemingly teleports around. Danzou doesn’t really go on the attack for more of the episode and just seems to be measuring Sasuke’s abilities. Suddenly in one move Sasuke uses his brother’s old move Amaterasu, the black flame that can’t be put out on Danzou. It appears to have hit another illusion and Danzou finally attacks. Sasuke summons a giant hawk to escape, leaving Madara wondering how much more Sasuke can fight and when he got the new summoning creature. Karin, who has been watching the fight from the side, starts to notice that Danzou’s Sharingan’s on his arm close after he uses various jutsu. Could it be that his techniques use the powers of the eyes one by one? Sasuke attacks but Danzou appears to get a grip on him. Sasuke counters by apparently cutting off Danzou’s arm, along with a slice that appears to cut him clean in two. The arm lands and three more eyes close, but then it fades from existence and Danzou is whole again. Suddenly, when it seems that Sasuke has nothing left, he bursts into a field of crows, Itachi’s old genjutsu move, and Itachi appears before Danzou shocking him. Where did he come from? Is this Sasuke’s illusion? Just an awesome fight all around and I’m curious to see if Sasuke will win or if Madara will have to step in and save him. Enjoy!