Manga - The Other White Meat

Welcome back manga enthusiast! It appears that we had a week off from manga for some reason so there was no post last week, but we are back with a vengeance. As you know at the end of Bleach chapter 387 Tousen is dead, Aizen seems unstoppable, and Ichigo is finally back to join the fight. There is something about the emergence of a missing main character that finds a way to give you hope that a series might have a good chapter, but it remains to be seen. Meanwhile, in Naruto Sasuke and Danzou are still battling as Naruto chapter 478 ends and I have no idea what could happen next in what has been an immensely entertaining fight. Without further delay, let’s dive right in. BLEACH Chapter 388 opens with Ichigo actually making the first attack while he has an opportunity. I think this is the first time I can remember him ever not talking to his enemy and allowing them to strike first. Ichigo assumes that he can win but his massive attacked is blocked by a defense that Aizen had already set up to protect his blind spot. Ichigo believes it was stopped because he didn’t use his hollow form out of fear, but Aizen doesn’t seem concerned. After some conversation Aizen basically tells him to bring it on so he can prove what a ridiculous thought that is. Ichigo goes into his Vizard form and unleashes Getsuga Tensou again, but Aizen is already behind him. Aizen is basically toying with him and moving at a speed that Ichigo can’t follow. There is some nice philosophical talk where Aizen tries to cloud Ichigo’s thinking. Finally at this point the Captains of Soul Society all step in en masse to help. The chapter ends with a pretty cool shot of the vizard and captains standing together with all their swords in Shikai form against Aizen. In the end nothing much happened. Ichigo made two attacks, Aizen stopped both, there was some talking, and now we seem to be set up for an epic battle in the next chapter. We’ll see what happens. NARUTO In Chapter 478 we pick up with the illusion of Itachi facing Danzou. Amaterasu is used on Danzou to try to engulf him in flames, but Danzou is unaffected as he realizes it is an illusion. As Sasuke attacks he finds that a seal overtakes his body and he can’t use it. Danzou is nothing if not clever, and I’m curious why Madara continues to still observe instead of helping. Karin tries to attack and Danzou doesn’t even bother wasting a technique to stop her. He just kicks her into a cliff, literally. Danzou continues to taunt Sasuke about his brother, and as he goes for the killing stroke his sword is stopped by a new form of the ultimate technique, Susano’o. This version has both a sword and a bow and arrow. Madara is pleased with this new form born out of hatred, and Danzou is having trouble dodging and has to bring out his final secret. Danzou has the wood style of the first hokage! This is a unique technique that only one ninja has ever had, and it proves that Danzou worked with the former main villain of the series, Orochimaru, to get the DNA implanted into his own body. The battle continues to go back and forth with no winner sight. Madara in the meantime comes to the conclusion that the only reason for Danzou to possess both the power of the Uchiha clan and the first hokage is in order to control the nine-tailed fox within Naruto himself. I’m not sure if this is related to that or not, but the last frame has Madara saying that it must be so Danzou can use the eye technique even the Uchiha clan outlawed…Izanagi. Sounds awesome. Until next week!