Manga - The Other White Meat

Welcome back for another review of the Bleach and Naruto manga from the past week. This week we find everyone fighting to save Ichigo against Aizen and more battling between Sasuke and Danzou. This Naruto battle has probably been one of the longest in the entire Naruto series. It just doesn’t seem to end. In Bleach we finally get to see everyone just attack the main bad guy together, which would seem to have been a good strategy a while ago. Who knows what that will result in. Keep on reading for the review and synopsis. BLEACH In Chapter 389 we open with Ichigo seeming confused as to why all the Vizard and Captains are willing to fight on his behalf. Shinji tries to explain that allowing Ichigo to fight on his own would be ridiculous as they all have a stake in the outcome. If they don’t fight and he loses, they will essentially feel like crap. With that Captain Hitsugaya attacks first from the front with Captain Kyouraku, one of the oldest and supposedly most powerful captains trying to flank and get inside Aizen’s defenses. The advances are blocked. This pretty much makes up all the action for the entire chapter. Everyone thanks Ichigo for being around and then charges in. Hirako Shinji, leader of the Vizard, seems happy that Ichigo brought Captain Unohana back with him, as in a fight she will be more useful according to him. I am MORE then a little curious why everyone seems terrified of the captain of the healing squad. I’m sure she will play a major role I just have no idea how. More captains say a few words to him and then leave. I’m also still curious where Ex-Captain Ichimaru Gin, Aizen’s ally, is hiding. Back in the current fight Aizen and Hitsugaya exchange words prompting the latter to lose his temper and, for lack of a better description, charge up. That's it. Two sword swings and a lot of talk. Kyouraku takes another swing, but as always seems to be playing games and not releasing his full power. Hitsugaya releases his Bankai and threatens Aizen and the chapter ends. NARUTO In Naruto the battle between Sasuke and Danzou rages on as Karin and Madara look on. Sasuke seems to be injured and Danzou uses his Izanagi, the forbidden jutsu of the Uchiha clan, to attack. Apparently Izanagi allows the user to turn reality into a dream, reappearing whenever he wants and not being injured as things happen to him. It allows you to turn yourself into an illusion, but after using it the Sharingan closes forever and can never be used again. This is why Danzou keeps having eyes on his arms close, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he has found a way to retain some vision in them. It is also a jutsu that has to remain active whether or not you are being attacked. Danzou tries to force an opening in Sasuke’s ultimate defense, Susano’o but Sasuke uses a creative attack to undo a summon and turn to attack Danzou as he moves in. Karin has been keeping track of what's happening in the meantime and has figured out that every 60 seconds another eye closes while Izanagi is active. She lets Sasuke know that, but much depends on only the ten eyes that are showing being implanted into Danzou’s body. Sasuke continues to attack even though they won’t hit, because if he hides Danzou can simply end the technique and save the eyes. Several clever attacks are used on both sides as the battle rages on. It's hard to describe how cool the fight between Sasuke and Danzou has been, and scary that Madara hasn’t even gotten involved. The chapter ends with both landing very damaging looking sword strikes to the other. The question remains, was that the real Danzou that got hit? We’ll find out next week!