New Arrivals: January 27, 2010

Did you see what Asylum Press is offering for Free Comic Book Day 2010? Their sampler almost puts Whitman's to shame. Unfortunately, the day of free comics is still a few months away, so what should you grab this week that costs, say, free+$2.99? How about Neverland #0? Zenscope (as they're wont to do) aren't content with completely retelling the tales of Alice, Little Red Riding Hood and Sinbad. Nope. They've turned their eyes to the second star on the right (and straight on till morning) in a story that isn't quite the way you remember it. In Neverland #0, Peter Pan is the villain that lures kids there for his nefarious deeds, while Hook is the only child that's escaped. Now, writer Joe Brusha has him returning to take back Neverland and restore it to a world where Rufio reigns supreme. Although I'm sure Rufio won't be involved, so don't get your hopes up. RU-FI-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The book was originally slated to debut December 2009, but it looks like things didn't quite work out as planned. Hopefully it's on your local store's shelf when you head out there to pick up your weekly pull. Enjoy! New Arrivals: January 27, 2010