Review - Berserker #3

There comes a time when a man stops and thinks to himself, “You know what I need? Really gratuitous violence.” When you need to satisfy that urge ladies and gentlemen, there is only one place to turn, and that is Berserker brought to us by Top Cow. Berserker follows the travels and developments of Farris Jorn and Aaron Bural. They seem to gain an inhuman power that seems to relate back to the Vikings, and go, for lack of a better word, berserk. Farris has come to the conclusion that berserkers are monsters and that he must stop anyone and everyone associated with it. Aaron is really just terrified of this new power and looking for any way to learn how to control it. So far Farris has killed his boss, some other people, and a representative of Midgard International, a company that seems to have ties to berserkers. Aaron killed his girlfriend after a car accident among other people. There is another organization after these two prized recruits as well and they are called Asgaard. That about brings us up to speed so let's have a look at the latest issue shall we? Let's see if I can sum up this series in one word, VIOLENT. The creators have said they were going to push the envelope as far as gore and really get into the brutality of berserkers and they have most certainly done that. In the opening scenes a team is waiting to apprehend Farris. I think it is safe to assume that after he literally ripped a woman who was trying to recruit him in half, the kid gloves are off. Well…I hope there are more powerful people around if they ever hope to bring Farris in, let’s leave it at that. After this he figures that he needs to check up on his girlfriend, even if she probably doesn’t want to see him. He goes to her parent’s house and what he finds pretty much sets him on his path of destruction once and for all. In the meantime Aaron is looking for anyone that can make sense of his situation. He has just finished being questioned by an FBI agent and escapes after a rather impressive feat. We are introduced to a man named Karl Locke by Aaron’s mother after he heads there to try to get some stuff. Locke is certainly more then he seems, and I’m curious which organization he works for. Aaron ends up leaving with Locke when another person makes an appearance that could give Aaron some perspective on where his powers come from. I actually enjoyed this issue more then the last one. Up until now in this series the focus has been primarily on just brutally violent fights and then the flight of the two prime berserkers. This issue introduced a little bit more background. We learned a little bit more of the berserkers in general and where they come from. The fights are beginning to have a purpose instead of just being out of control. There is a reason they are happening and that makes the read more enjoyable. Overall Midgard and Asgaard are still largely mysteries and I can’t wait to learn more about the organizations. It's hard to call one good and one bad, considering that they both seem to be made up of killers, but I’m sure one will get that way. This series is heading in a nice direction right now and I hope it continues to fill out the characters. The only problems I can see happening are that characters basically die the second they are introduced. Outside of Farris and Aaron themselves, no one else seems to last very long. It would be nice to see a high-level berserker that can both hold his own against them, but also control it enough not to rip them in half. Hopefully that is coming down the pipeline. I enjoyed this issue and it has brought me back to the series a bit. Happy reading!