Review - Die Hard: Year One #4

Die Hard has always been one of my favorite movies to watch repeatedly because it just doesn’t get old. It pits the perfect underdog in John McClane against an overwhelming force and he takes care of business. Well Die Hard Year One has been showing him doing what he does best when he was but a lowly rookie. Even then he gets the job done in the way only he knows: with plenty of gunfights and beating the crap out of everyone. The latest issue doesn’t disappoint in either of those columns and even had me laughing a bit. Following is my review of Die Hard: Year One #4. This issue throws us right back into the hostage situation aboard the billionaire Mr. Ford’s boat with the two dirty cops and the their leader Douglas holding everyone hostage and claiming to be eco-terrorist. McClane is sort of narrating the entire time Mr. Ford and Douglas are talking about what’s going on that it all boils down to getting some money. We flash back to McClane in a room with the young woman Rosie and a downed assailant as he figures out his next move. Telling her to stay put while he goes and does his job to stop them. Next we see the bad guys planting explosives all over the ship as we get more of McClane’s reasoning behind why they want money in the end. It’s really quite brilliant during his sort of inner monologue as you learn more about his past as a soldier and you learn that he has a troubled past. McClane goes around and collects all the dynamite to dispose of it someplace and come to think of it this plan of Douglas is the exact same one as the first Die Hard movie. Steal a bunch of cash, blew up the boat you were on and disappear since they won’t come looking for you if they think you're dead. A nice touch I might add, but I digress. We finally get some awesome gunfight and a bit of a brawl between John and the one dirty cop Ciardello, with McClane getting the gun from him and putting a hole through him. After quickly dispatching a couple more with shots through the chest he hears over the radio Douglas offering him a deal: surrender or the girl dies. Think you know what he would do? McClane guns down the other two thugs leaving Douglas and himself to finish it off with a fistfight. McClane basically kicks his ass and does it to make sure he ain’t getting up by ramming his face into a wall. When all is said and done the hostages are rescued and bad guys defeated; all in a day's work for John McClane right? Needless to say Mr. Ford is grateful and McClane gets rewarded for his heroic actions by getting promoted to Detective. This inevitably sets the stage for even more crazy situations for him to get into and this is still set years before the first movie. That is what I love about this comic with the room they have to take this character whichever way they want. Overall this series has not disappointed in the least and meshes stories together perfectly. Enjoyed reading this far and can’t wait to read more. I highly suggest picking this issue up (and past issues to catch up if need be).