Review - Die Hard Year One #5

When I saw that the next issue of Die Hard Year One was coming out I thought "what sort of mayhem and danger they are going to throw McClane into next?" As the first four issues felt like one complete story, I thought the series would be done, but behold we get to see the next step in his journey to become one badass cop. Die Hard Year One #5 is the latest issue in the series, and it doesn't disappoint. For McClane the only information he gets about the Son of Sam is from the papers, as he's not working that case like all the other detectives but instead doing a robbery case with another hardnosed detective. They are trying to get leads on the robber who has been hitting a number of massage parlors by shaking down a young kid handing out flyers. It's an entertaining exchange between the two cops and young kid as McClane has a bit of inner monologue going on that just cracked me up. They find out more about the suspect they're looking for. A punk determined to capitalize on the hysteria caused by Son of Sam to do a little no good himself offers some info about our massage parlor robber. Upon finding himself in front of a massage parlor he heads in to get a “massage” and we learn a little more of his intentions with a flash of his Uzi in addition to his feelings of not taking crap from anyone no more. This little scene of the young man helps set up a later part of the issue. McClane and co. question witnesses, with each witness giving a different take on what the guy looks like not helping the two cops much. They decided to see what comes from spreading a little cash around parlors to get some information. Around the same time we get to learn more about a young woman from earlier in the issue as she's in a bank trying to access a safety deposit box. We pick up some clues as to who she is, or moreso what sort of trouble she might be in as she is denied entry into the safety deposit box. We're then taken back the three men from earlier, possibly a small town organized crime family, discussing some sort of job that will get them paid for the work. Unfortunately, we don’t learn much more beyond this and what role they're going to play is uncertain, but it can’t be good. As they get a lead on their massage parlor robber he's in the process of robbing another place. Mind you all of these events have occurred on the same day and it’s not even 5 PM yet. The two detectives make their way to the parlor only to be stopped in traffic leaving McClane the hero, heading there on foot to be greeted with automatic fire coming out the door at him. Turning a simple robbery into a hostage situation where McClane and his partner are the only ones to deal with it, but no ideas coming to mind. A cliffhanger leaves the reader at the end of the issue with more questions and not a lot of answers. One of the great things that I enjoy about this comic is how they tell the story and the manner they do it in. Having all the different stories sort of mesh together in giving a piece of each one in succession, but not really showing off too much too soon, is awesome. Compelling storytelling makes this series such a fantastic read that keeps you guessing and wanting to know what is coming next. So far it does feel like they are doing sort of episodic tale in that the first four issues were one story of how McClane became a detective and now we see his mettle tested. Damn fine comic and I know I can’t wait for the next issue to see what happens next. Because of the multitude of characters involved who knows what that next big thing will be.