Review - Heroes Chapter 14: Close to You

The recap highlights lots of stuff from this season. More specifically, the past five episodes maybe. The best part? Parkman's back! Huzzah! I kind of dug the Noah Bennett monologue intro. In the past you always had Mohinder doing them, but I guess that's kind of tough with him committed to Arkham Asylum. While Noah's not doing monologues he's busy alongside Lauren in a desperate attempt to find Samuel Sullivan. In between complaining about Claire pulling away and biting Lauren's head off the pair manage to find a chick named Vanessa with ties to Sullivan. I think you can tell that this episode will focus a lot on Noah trying to track down Samuel for Claire's safety. Parkman's wife used to be hot, until she cut her hair like a boy (shades of Teri Bauer). I like that he's been reintroduced to the show because he's probably the second or third most important character. You could even make the argument that he's the most powerful of all the mutants, but that's for another time. Parkman's son hasn't been featured at all this season really; however, he's enough of a reason for Parkman to want to help Noah (fear of his son joining Samuel). I don't get why Samuel thought that Noah would be behind a meet with Vanessa. I mean, it must have been suspicious if she contacted him out of the blue, but for him to have the foresight to bring along Multiple Man is almost a little too convenient. So the meet doesn't quite work and Noah gets a glimpse of Samuel's true power. I'm fairly confident that his power is moving the earth, although we've seen him do stuff with ink and just generally be extremely persuasive. He can also make the carnival (and Vanessa) disappear on a whim somehow, once again stressing the importance of having a compass. I like Parkman's completely uninvested response, telling Noah to get his house in order before he tries to save the world. He'll no doubt disregard it but at least someone tried to get him to widen his gaze (color me surprised when he actually went to see Claire). Emma's power is becoming more clear, and when Samuel said her ability resembled a "siren's song" he was essentially laying out what she would do: she's going to summon all the mutants to the magic field that Moss-man is making. And then Samuel will lift the area from the earth and create his own Asteroid M. Angela knows her from those premonition dreams she has; more specifically, a dream that Emma will use her newfound cello to hurt many people. Did Peter finish the episode with Angela's power (the Peter Power Watch would be at premonition dreams) because he had a dream about Emma killing people with the cello. Enough of a premonition that Peter bursts into Emma's apartment and wrecks the cello. Did they really have to choose the creepiest looking facility to represent the Asylum? Hiro and Ando's infiltration of the asylum was actually relatively clever, although a facility with a lockdown war would have a lot more security in it. How can an undrugged, super-strength Mohinder not carry Ando? I'm glad to see that it took them that long to revisit an age-old tradition of electroshock therapy, jolting Hiro out of his sci-fi haze (this also led to a great exchange between Mohinder and Ando about the future). I did like how they ended the episode with Hiro, Mohinder and Ando interrupting a intimate moment between Noah and Lauren. Is it just me, or does Lydia's daughter look like a young Denise Richards? Denise asks her mom what she really feels about Samuel because it's evident that she doesn't trust Samuel. The whole season I've been waiting for Professor X to be introduced to Samuel's Magneto, and it looks like Peter is that wheelchair-bound empath (sans wheelchair of course). If the season ends with the Peter Power Watch at Parkman's power Jeph Loeb should just change the name of the show to Uncanny X-Men. For some reason Lydia has Peter pegged as the one person that they need that can truly stop Samuel (which is odd considering both Sylar and Parkman are more powerful than him). The long hiatus has sort of killed the momentum this show had been carrying (granted, this break was planned and geared towards sweeps). It's clear that this episode (and the two last week) are moving the characters in place for a seemingly whambam finale where things go ballistic. I hope the writers realize though that at this rate viewers are expecting a pretty big payoff to the season. I like that Parkman's getting involved again, and the tension between Emma and Peter will no doubt be something big. Sylar is still a wild card (as per usual) and it will most likely be him that goes against Samuel (but the Peter thing has me a little worried).